Use This Phone App to Scan Documents

Do you prefer to send us your documents electronically, using your iPhone or Android? Instead of taking a photo which is usually low-quality and difficult for us to use, we recommend using Scanbot, a scanning app for your phone. But please remember, we never recommend sending documents via email that contain identity-type information (your social security number, date of birth, etc). Instead, use our portal which can be found here.

Scanbot is easy to use and creates high-quality PDF scans that you can send directly to us. To get started using Scanbot, install the app onto your phone or smart device.

For iPhone/iOS users:

For Android users:

To scan a document, simply hold our phone over the document and let Scanbot take a picture. Click SAVE once you are satisfied and you will then be prompted to send the document in various ways such as email.

*Tip for multiple page documents: Take a picture of the first document, then click the little + sign to take the next picture and so on. Once finished taking each picture click SAVE and you will be prompted to send the document in various ways such as email.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or need help with the app.

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