New 2019 Pension and Social Security Limits

The IRS recently announced 2019 limits for certain pension and retirement plan contribution limits, and changes to Social Security limits. 2019 Social Security: Cost of Living Increase                                        2.8% FICA Wage Limit:                                           $132,900 Earnings Limit if drawing before age 66         $  17,640 2019 IRA Traditional & Roth IRA Limit                           $   6,000 Over age 49 […]

Splitting An Inherited IRA To Maximize Tax Savings

If you are the beneficiary of an inherited IRA that has multiple beneficiaries, December 31 can be an important due date in order to save taxes. Many owners of IRA accounts will name multiple beneficiaries. When the IRA owner dies, any non-spouse beneficiaries must take required minimum distributions (RMDs) from the inherited IRA over the […]