Can Business Owners File for State Unemployment?

If you are a business owner and face the risk of shutting down, can you file for state unemployment? The answer will vary by state, but for most states this depends on the entity you choose to run your business. Let me preface this by saying I am not an expert in state unemployment laws, […]

Coronavirus Disaster Assistance for Individuals and Businesses

coronavirus disaster assistance

With the COVID-19 related shutdowns and government mandates, a wide variety of programs and assistance are becoming available for individuals and businesses. Check this site frequently for updates as we assemble a list of programs you may be able to take advantage of. If you are aware of other programs, please comment or drop us […]

Last Minute Tax Planning for 2017 Under the New 2018 Tax Bill

With Congress giving taxpayers barely a week to react before the end of the year, the new 2018 tax bill does present some unique opportunities to do last second tax planning for 2017. Much of what can be done before year-end is standard tax planning advice. We caution that these are standard planning techniques that taxpayers […]

13 Year-End Business Tips to Make Sure You Are Ready for Tax Season

For many business owners, the year escapes them and causes their bookkeeping to get behind. Here are 13 year-end business tips to get your books in shape and make sure you can take advantage of all your deductions and be ready for your CPA to get your taxes done. The following items are many of […]

Retirement Plan Tax Savings Strategies

Are you looking for retirement plan tax savings strategies? Retirement plans can generate the best tax savings for business owners and employees alike. And these tax savings can be either current savings, or savings during retirement. Fully funding your company 401(k) with pre-tax dollars will reduce current year taxes, as well as increase your retirement […]

Year-end Business Checklist: 7 Things to Include

Time seems to go so fast – Fall is here, Halloween is right around the corner, then Thanksgiving, Christmas and …… Tax Season!!!  Below are some steps that should be in your year-end business checklist that you can take right now to make the upcoming tax season less stressful – they will help you to […]

What Business Deductions are Available as a Small Business?

Are you a new business and wondering what new business deductions are available to you as a business owner? As for the costs that should be tracked, a simple way to look at this is like this: any expense you incur because of your business (within reason), is deductible. In your case, the obvious expenses […]

Hiring Family Members in a Small Business

Hiring family members can be a sound tax saving strategy. Students seeking summer employment, young adults looking for full-time employment, and college graduates looking to begin their careers sometimes find it difficult to land a job.  The family business may be the only place for some family members to find work, even if only temporarily until […]

Health Reimbursements Are Back!

Legislation was signed into law last week bringing back the ability for employers to directly reimburse employees for health care costs. This was taken away a few years ago after the new ACA laws came into play, often with severe penalties in place for noncompliance. But recent legislation changed that. The new Qualified Small Employer Health […]