Now Scheduling Tax and Financial Planning Appointments

As the seasons change and tax filing deadlines wind down, we turn our attention to year-end tax and financial planning. We now offer fully coordinated tax planning strategies with individual financial planning and investment management through Flatiron Wealth Advisors, a fee-only registered investment advisor firm. Now is the time to schedule time to review your financial situation to generate tax savings and plan for your future. We are taking appointments starting October 17th for tax and financial planning. Are you curious how our financial planning services work? Book an appointment today!

Tax planning should occur throughout the year, but the fall is an excellent time to plan before the end of the year. The need could arise at a variety of times; here are some examples of when tax planning becomes important:

• A change in income from your business or employer
• The vesting or exercise of employer stock options
• Borrowing money for any purpose
• Contributing to or taking funds from any type of retirement plan
• Buying or selling any kind of property (a primary residence, vacation home, rental property, other real estate, stocks and bonds, partnership interests, vehicles in your business, a business or business assets, tax shelter, etc.)
• Adding a retirement plan to your business
• Receiving an inheritance
• Retiring
• Getting married
• Deciding on when to take social security
• Negotiating a divorce agreement
• Saving for education
• Making investments where your participation will be minimal
• Making a large gift to your child or another relative
• Starting a business
• Changing the form of your business to a partnership or corporation
• Incurring business expenses as an employee
• Holding an uncollectible note
• Moving
• Paying off a loan

If you’ve experienced changes in income, a change in financial situations, or just want to know where things stand and see if you can reduce your tax burden, the fall is an excellent time for tax planning.

If you need planning services, send me an email or book a time to discuss tax and/or financial planning today!