Covid-19 Consulting Services Now Available for Your Business

covid-19 consulting services

Are you in need of Covid-19 consulting services to help find your way through the dizzying changes in tax and lending laws? There is no doubt, the new Covid-19 tax laws and Small Business Administration loan options are complex. And the options are bewildering. Look at the options that have popped up in just the last few weeks! Who knows what might change or become available next week.

  • Payroll Protection Loans
  • SBA Grants
  • Economic Injury Disaster Loans
  • Payroll Retention Credits
  • Payroll Delayed Deposit program
  • Employee Sick Pay under the Families First Act and related payroll tax credits to help you pay for this
  • FMLA under the Families First Act and related payroll tax credits to help you pay for this
  • Unemployment for yourself (including sole proprietors and S-corporation owners)
  • Ever-changing loan applications and rules
  • Ever changing IRS and SBA guidance on interpretations of loans and tax rules.

Due to the complexity of the various tax law changes and government funding programs that have been put into place, I am happy to provide Covid-19 consulting services to those of you confused about the optionsĀ  available to you or those who need help with the process. Please see this document for further details on pricing.

Option 1: Initial Consultation

This initial consultation will allow me to explain the various options available to you and allow you to ask questions so you can decide if you qualify based on your unique situation. It is a higher-level consultation and may or may not lead to a conclusion to a specific strategy. If there are several options open to you and you need us to crunch the numbers to develop a strategy, you may want to choose Option 2

Option 2: Formal Analysis of Options and Strategy Session:

This involves comparing some or all of the options open to you, running number to help you decide which option (or options) may make sense and what the financial ramifications are. This will help you maximize the financial benefit to any programs available to you. Upon conclusion of the Option 1 Consultation above, I can provide a firm quote of the cost.

Option 3: Loan Preparation Assistance:

This involves gathering the information needed to apply for one of the two SBA loan options and performing any calculations the bank may need for the application process.

If you are interested, please contact me at your earliest convenience. Call me at 720-598-1020 or use this contact form.