Last Minute Tax Savings Ideas for 2022

Last minute tax savings

The most effective tax planning is done during the year and actions must normally be taken before December 31st. But with the April 17th deadline approaching, there are still a few things you can do to save on your 2022 taxes. Here are some tax savings ideas for 2022 you can still make. IRA Contribution […]

Deadline for Tax Planning Appointments is December 15, 2022

If you are still hoping to do any year-end tax planning or projections, time is running short. In order to finish 2022 planning before the holidays, we will stop taking appointments on December 15, 2022. Active tax planning is a critical strategy for tax minimization. Our process begins with a thorough review and understanding of […]

Getting Ready for Year-End 2022 – Business Owners

Yes, it is already almost December and year-end tasks are upon us. It is important to be organized and ready for year-end, so you can get us the information needed early in the new year. The following is a list of things that should be done in November or December to help you get ready. […]

Retirement Plan Tax Strategies for 2022

Many times, the single biggest tax-saving strategy is in the area of retirement plans. The following strategies relate to tax savings using retirement plans such as 401(k) plans, 403(b) plans, and IRAs. Required Minimum Distributions If you were 72 or older in 2021, you must take an RMD during 2022. Those who turn 72 in […]

Now Scheduling Tax and Financial Planning Appointments

As the seasons change and tax filing deadlines wind down, we turn our attention to year-end tax and financial planning. We now offer fully coordinated tax planning strategies with individual financial planning and investment management through Flatiron Wealth Advisors, a fee-only registered investment advisor firm. Now is the time to schedule time to review your […]