The 2020 Individual Year-end Tax Planning Guide is Here

Looking for year-end tax planning moves to save on taxes this year? Check out our annual year-end guide. Most strategies need to be executed before December 31, so act quickly. Remember, this guide does not replace customized, year-round tax planning. Contact us today to find out more. The guide includes many different strategies: New Cares […]

Our 2020 Business Year-End Planning Guide is Available

If you own a business of any kind, please be sure to check out our 2020 year-end tax planning business guide. This guide has various strategies to minimize taxes including: Strategies depending on whether 2020 is a higher income year than 2021 How to defer income into next year How to accelerate expenses into 2020 […]

Strategies for Your Stock Portfolio in 2020

Do you own stocks, bonds or other securities in a taxable account (not a retirement account)? Here are some strategies for minimizing taxes or taking advantage of your tax bracket this year: Avoid the high taxes (up to 40.8 percent) on short-term capital gains and ordinary income by holding your positions for at least 12 […]

How Can Tax Planning Strategies Save You Money and Avoid Surprises

As we start looking toward the end of 2020, tax planning strategies for 2020 and 2021 become our primary focus. But what is tax planning and how do tax planning strategies save money and avoid surprises? Every taxpayer has the right and responsibility to lower his/her tax bill using a number of different legal tax […]