How We Work

We are a virtual tax and accounting firm.  To attract and retain the best staff, we recruit staff from across the country. As a result, we have staff in various states within the U.S. We do not physically meet clients or prospective clients, but we do offer virtual meetings using Zoom.

We work out of remote office space and work with clients in a virtual business model. Our communication methods are email, video calls, phone calls, and secure chats using our portal. When a “meeting” is needed, we utilize Zoom video conferences where we can meet and share screens when needed. We find this model works very well and is more convenient for our clients.

While our client base is predominantly located in the Boulder / Denver area, we do serve clients across the U.S.

Our focus is on planning. We prefer to work with clients who benefit from proactive tax planning, financial planning, and/or investment management. We offer a subscription plan for our services that includes a basic tax projection to help you understand your tax liabilities for the current and next tax years, email support throughout the year, and your annual tax return. We have plans for higher levels of planning as well. 

Financial planning and investment management services are billed separately through our sister firm, Flatiron Wealth Advisors, LLC. For more information, please visit

Our services and interactions with our staff such as email, phone calls, and video calls, are included in our quoted prices. We don’t want any surprises. If work is to be billed hourly, we will let you know upfront if that is the case. 

For new clients, we may require an onboarding fee up-front before we begin work.

Outside of tax-season (after 5/1) we usually respond to client requests within 24 hours. During tax season, our response will average 48-72 hours. During tax season we prefer you send an email with your question as our tax preparation staff will not accept unscheduled phone calls so that we can remain operating as efficiently as possible.

The preferred way to send us information is through our secure portal. If needed, you can mail your information to us or drop it off at our Boulder, CO location. All original information we receive will be scanned and returned to you via USPS priority mail. 

We only accept new clients between May and December 1 each year. Space is limited.

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