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Hire a Financial Coach for Your Business

A Financial Coach is someone who helps train a business owner to understand their financial information, make better use of it for planning, and help business owners achieve their business and personal goals.

Specific Things A Financial Coach Can Help You With

  • Understanding your business’s cash flow
  • How much do your customers owe you?
  • How much do you owe your vendors?
  • How can you increase business cash flow?
  • How much can you pay yourself each week?
  • Do you have the right tax structure for your business?
  • Do you know when to take draws from your business without hurting it?
  • What is the value of your business?
  • What is your personal net worth?
  • Are you taking steps to grow your business?
  • How to create a business¬†budget
  • How to create a personal budget
  • How much do you need when you retire?
  • Are you on track to achieve your goals? What needs to change?
  • How do you increase your business income and reduce personal expenses to achieve your goals?

Meet Your Financial Coach

Boulder Financial Coach

Hi, My name is Steve Trojan. I am a CPA and Financial Coach, have owned and do own, several businesses and help business owners navigate their way through the financial issues of their business.

Running a business is not easy, and often the financial aspects of a small business are the overlooked issues. This can be devasting for the business owner as many are not trained nor do they keep up on the changing business and tax laws and correct trends.

Looking for Full Business Coaching?

If you need more well-rounded business coaching sessions, I also offer help with strategy, marketing, operational issues, setting up Key Performance Indicators to help you keep an eye on what’s important, and much more. Head on over to our business coaching page for more information.